SexKontaktGeheimnis Review

  • The Facebook of sex
  • Fun social media style with option for incognito profile
  • Naughty photo competitions for members
  • Get instant alerts when friends are online
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Company Profile

Have you ever thought how awesome it would be if you could use Facebook for hooking up, instead of just being friends? Well, you don't have to wonder about that anymore. SexKontaktGeheimnis is that premiere hookup social networking site. That means you can meet and chat with tons of sexy singles, couples, groups, or whatever grabs your attention, but everyone is looking for some no strings attached fun. SexKontaktGeheimnis plays out just like a social media platform with members posting public pictures and status updates that can grab your attention and lead to hooking up.

It does not just mean you have to force connections, in fact at the start up, the site asks if you are just looking for good amateur content, because there is loads of that! Members on SexKontaktGeheimnis are happy to expose themselves and all their naughty bits in the hope of getting noticed and perhaps hooking up.

Of course, you can search through the members and find those who are in your area, and who have an interesting profile that appeals to you. And just like on social media, there are fun features to play with, like photo competitions, blog posts, pinboards and even regular status updates.


User Profile

For People Who Want: straight, gay, bi-sexual, group hook-ups, swingers

Just like social media is open to everyone, so is SexKontaktGeheimnis. It is a platform to meet people, and it does that incredibly well, so if you are looking for someone who fulfils your needs, it is not too difficult. The profiles of each person, or group, lays out exactly what they are all about, and what they are into, so it does leave it up to your to search it out.



SexKontaktGeheimnis takes its tips from the original Facebook and allows for an awesome experience packed full of fun social media style features.

  • Just like on social media, you can share pictures and status of yourself, the only difference being these ones will obviously be a little naughtier than your standard facebook updates! You can share these with just your friends, who will probably be people you are keen to try and hookup with, or you can share it publically and see if you can maybe draw some attention to yourself.
  • Photo competitions are brilliant fun. They let you send in a naughty photo based around a certain topic and people vote on them to determine a winner, where there are prizes to be won!
  • There are the usual chatting options, but on SexKontaktGeheimnis, you have open access to your friends, and you will be a alerted when they are online so you can pick up the fun straight away



The best thing about SexKontaktGeheimnis is that you, and your profile, can really get around! There is a form of social sharing, so the more content of yourself you put out there the more interested parties you will attract! That means it is not even up to you to do the initiating, people will find you and you suddenly become the one with the ball in your court. Just like it is simple to find a friend on Facebook, people on SexKontaktGeheimnis want to be friends... but with a little more!


Member Quality

Some members are much better than others, and it is a bit like a popularity contest. You will often see amazing people who have adoring fans cropping up on your timeline again and again. But that is not to say that you have to only go for the big fish, the other factor to go for when looking for a hookup is obviously how close they are to you, and there are plenty to choose from in your area.



While Facebook may demand your every detail, SexKontaktGeheimnis is far more discrete. It tells you not to use you real name, and you will often find many people are far more comfortable filling their pictures with explicit and naughty photos rather than images of their faces. It is quite a private site, even though it is also a social site – they have reached a nice balance that also allows you to be as discrete as you want to be.



You don’t have to pay immediately to get a feel of the site. The site permits free registration. You only need to provide your basic details and you are ready to roll. If you want to test the ins and outs of the site, you could opt for the three-day trial membership. If you are happy with what you see, you could become a full-fledged member. SexKontaktGeheimnis offers only one premium plan.


Package Pricing

25 Credits


50 Credits


100 Credits


Here’s what you can get with the premium membership:

  • Read messages from other users
  • Send an unlimited number of messages
  • Make full use of real-time chat system
  • Add blogposts
  • Share albums and videos
  • No advertisements
  • Give virtual presents


Site Rating

Potential find a hookup
7 / 10
Active Members
9 / 10
Member Quality
8 / 10
8 / 10
Bang for Buck
8 / 10
Site Features
9 / 10
Live Chat
9 / 10
Mobile Friendly
7 / 10
Customer Service
8 / 10


SexKontaktGeheimnis is firstly just a networking website which employs a number of features to make sure you get laid and fast. You can join adult groups and have plenty of interesting conversations or you can have one on one communication with a person of your choice. Regardless of your sexual orientation or preferences, there is something for everyone here.



Social media is something that is designed to keep us busy, so why not keep busy while getting busy with FlirtParadis!



What We Like

Works similar to a social media platform

Use social sharing to get your profile out there

Free registration to get a feel for the site

Fun features like naughty photo competitions

What We Like Less

Some profiles lack detailed info

The interface isn’t the most attractive


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